Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love w/ Disagreement (Oil Drilling)

I want to start with a disclaimer; I am a huge Barack Obama Fan, DID I SAY HUGE!!! As a matter of fact, I intend on going to the inauguration January 29th, 2009. As much as I respect and love to see him in the White House I also have to disagree with his stance on drilling for our own oil.

I think American's tend to look at things short term rather than long term, example… the war in Iraq. Americans, that supported the war in 2003, did not look at the long term affects. They were sold the idea that we must act quickly to restore our safety, so most thought with their emotions and not with their minds.

I know what most of you are thinking… that's not the same thing! No it isn't, but we must think with our minds and not with the emotions of saving bears in Alaska.

Now, I'm not saying that Barack is thinking of the bears but I am saying he's not thinking long term. If you look at countries that drill their own oil and sell it to the rest of the world, USA, you will see a pattern; they subsidize fuel cost to their citizens. Consequently, many of them have done so at a huge cost, such as Venezuela, but America and Americans are smarter than that. We can find ways to subsidize oil at the same time allowing major companies like ExxonMobile to earn a profit. They should be allowed to earn a profit because that's what American was built on, Capitalism.

He has brought up the notion of alternative fuels such as Wind Turbines but that's just a start, more need s to be done. We need to supply ourselves we natural resources we already own.

I don't believe we can spend billions on unproven technologies, such as Ethanol, and not spend some money drilling for our own oil in Alaska and or the Gulf of Mexico. Drilling for our own oil like we use to do in West Texas will not have negative consequences; it will help our curb dependency from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or even little ole Libya [Link]. Why import Oil from a country that we consider an enemy, a country that exports 85 thousand barrels a day. Compare that to Canada's export to the USA of 1.9 million a day and it seems pointless.

Barack is by far the most qualified to run our country and I will vote for him but, I will not agree that it's ok to continue to import a commodity that we certainly can get on our own.

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